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Who is National Triad Defense?

National Triad Defense is a Las Vegas local firearms training company. We teach basic, advanced handgun and rifle courses. We also offer Nevada CCW/CFP (Concealed Firearms Permit) classes. NTD is Veteran owned and operated.

Nevada CCW / CFP ( Concealed Firearms Permit )

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Veteran Owned and Operated

National Triad Defense believes in the principles that we are all in this together. Firearms education is paramount in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights. The more you know, the greater your predictability of success. Rather than compete with our brothers and sisters in the industry, we believe in pulling together with cross promotion, shared educational concepts, and professional growth. This ensures that students are presented with the most relevant and up to date information we can provide.

National Triad Defense is a Veteran owned company in the Local Las Vegas Area. Our mission is to conduct Firearms instruction courses, consultations, retail merchandise sales, & working w/ and studying new sciences and technology for production of products for National Defense.

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